We are focused on increasing production and developing our portfolio of oil and gas reserves

The Company

Founded in 2016, Petram is a privately owned oil and gas company focused on increasing production and developing its portfolio of oil and gas reserves.

State of the art technologies in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) are applied to our projects to maximize the value creation to the company and its investors while being environmentally conscious.

In terms of exploration and production (E&P), Petram Oil and Gas primary areas of interest are active fields with proven, verifiable well production history.

Our Investment decisions are supported by sound seismic data interpretation and well-logs collected from many wells in the area of study, among other factors.

We also provide advisory in areas such as static and dynamic reservoir characterization, enhanced oil recovery, drilling optimization, exploration and production, sourcing services and project evaluation and project finance assistance in general for oil and gas projects on a global scale.



To acquire, develop and serve oil and gas resources safely, responsibly and generating returns greater than the cost of capital. To safely and timely deliver on any project, service or product in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.



To build a culture committed to value creation, innovation, continuous improvement, goal driven performance, quality assurance and environment preservation. To become a reference for our current and potential customers and suppliers and for the oil & gas industry in general.



To strengthen the standing of our partners, clients and the communities we serve by being a world class energy producer and products and services provider. Adhering to the highest standards of business ethics, quality, service, innovation and professionalism.

Management Team Experience


years of combined experience in the energy business.


years of combined experience in oil and gas exploration and reservoir characterization


years of combined experience in field engineering, corporate and project finance and business development.


years of experience in drilling and oil and gas operations.