We apply a very encompassing approach to every oil and gas project we are involved in


We have a management team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the oil and gas business in diverse areas, such as drilling operations, reservoir characterization, reserves estimation, modeling, exploitation, production and corporate and project finance. This enables us to offer a wide array of services within the oil and gas industry

Among other services, Petram Oil & Gas provides static and dynamic reservoir characterization, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), drilling optimization, exploration and production (E&P), procurement services and quality control and exotermic reaction system.


Static and Dynamic Reservoir Characterization

Our comprehensive geo-science data integration approach has applications in all phases of the exploration and production lifecycle. From survey design and seismic data processing to seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization and dynamic reservoir modeling, we offer a project portfolio with optimized drilling programs and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solutions. Our geo-science workflow includes, survey design, seismic data processing, well log analysis, anisotropy estimation, pre-stack depth migration, seismic Interpretation, fracture intensity maps, petrophysics, reservoir characterization, oil reserve estimation, dynamic reservoir modeling and geomechanics.


Exothermic Reaction Systems

It consists in the injection of chemical compositions at flow rates and pressures lower than the fracture pressure of the reservoir. These treatments are previously selected through an evaluation process that involves engineering studies and laboratory tests, effectively designing the treatment and making it profitable. This technology basically generates heat with the reaction of nitrogen gas resulting in a thermochemical synergistic system for the elimination of damage from organic deposits, improving the rate of production. The thermochemical system generates temperatures between ninety and one hundred and twenty degrees celsius (90-120 °C [194-248 °F]).


Enhanced Oil Recovery

We use secondary and tertiary oil recovery (enhanced oil recovery [EOR]) techniques in our projects to change the properties of the hydrocarbons and optimize production. We have access to multi functional chemical products to ensure the flow and optimization of oil and gas production, developed for the control of, among other things, crude blockage with asphaltenes, paraffins and scale deposits, applicable to multilayer deposits and deposits with intervals long production runs, horizontal and vertical wells, surface equipment (i.e. separators, vessels, pipelines and gas lines), non-reactive matrix stimulation and cleaning tubulars.


Exploration and Production

We use our experience from the business / project concept to the exploration and development phase and up until completion and production phases, providing informed, independent road maps to prop up projects efficiently, supporting the entire exploration and production value chain. We assist and/or partner with clients, helping them to create a robust delivery plan, and execute it to time and budget. Our E&P approach seeks to improve any project’s performance, evaluate any strategic initiative and assist in the due diligence process by helping to define and implement better work practices, technical processes and technology solutions.


Drilling Optimization

Through the use of logically designed engineering processes supported by years of field operations and drilling experience, we analyze data from multiple offset wells to understand the potential performance barriers that can result in non-productive time or invisible lost time. All this in order to design a drilling plan that leverages on advanced technologies and unmatched experience, resulting in a superior performance.


Procurement Services

We offer reliable procurement and high quality assurance services for the oil and gas industry at competitive prices. We guarantee customer satisfaction in sourcing and purchasing services (i.e. purchase planning, specifications determination, supplier research and selection, financing and price negotiation), through quality assurance and quality control, monitoring constantly each step of the process.

Corporate and Project Finance and
Project Evaluation

We also have expertise developing financial models and feasibility studies, studying business cases, designing creditworthy and bankable financial proposals and structures to prop up oil and gas projects and businesses, among other services.